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WEBeVoice® Tele-Reminder System

In today’s busy practice, your staff does not always have time to remind patients of their appointments or report collections. WEBeDoctor’s web-based EMR system offers its clients WEBeVoice®— a voice messaging service that seamlessly increases the communication between doctors and patients. WEBeVoice utilizes a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) methodology.  By providing an automatic patient reminder service, VoIP allows our clients to increase employee productivity and decrease labor costs. WEBeVoice is configured into your WEBeDoctor system by the provider, location, appointment reason, appointment status, and appointment time. Additionally, each office will have a customized professional voice recording option—eliminating the need for a computer generated voice.


  • A personalized voice that calls patients until they answer
  • Lowered no-show appointment rates
  • Increased revenues
  • Enhanced office efficiencies
  • Improved patient satisfaction


  • Remind, confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments
  • Customized scripts are included to optimize results of all your healthcare scheduling needs—
    including pre-appointment and follow-up appointment calls
  • Customized messages and customized patient instructions
  • Professional voice recordings, no computer generated voices—displays your practice
    number on your patients caller-ID
  • Multi-language support provided

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