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WEBeMobile® iPad/Tablet Pad Compatibility

With over 10 years of experience in electronic medical records management, WEBeDoctor has designed an interface that allows the use of the iPad (or any other tablet) to connect professionals with its mobile healthcare management solution. Our tablet solution, WEBeMobile®, creates a completely paperless environment for you and your office. WEBeMobile seamlessly integrates with WEBeDoctor products and allows you to carry around your management system anywhere you want. WEBeMobile provides users with advantages like portability, quicker data entry options, availability of real-time information, and multiple patient management. Integrating WEBeMobile into your practice allows for more patients to be seen each day, reduces interrelated costs with managing a practice, and ensures patient privacy and safety. WEBeMobile is the most efficient way to increase your profits, manage multiple patient records, e-prescribe medications, and streamline your office workflow.

WEBeMobile is a web-based system available through remote wireless access and includes features like appointment scheduling, insurance verification, patient electronic medical records (EMR), electronic prescriptions, lab work management, reporting, digital images, dictation, transcription, referrals, revenue cycle management, and electronic billing. WEBeMobile is HIPAA compliant and designed to maximize administrative time, keep expenses at a minimun, and provide the medical professionals with better tools to manage their practice and increase the quality of patient care.

WEBeMobile does not require its users to sync information between its existing computers and iPad(s). WEBeMobile works simultaneous with your existing desktop/laptop WEBeDoctor system, therefore allowing your staff to use WEBeDoctor at the same time. There are not too many EMR products that have been designed to be used cohesively with the iPad. WEBeMobile allows healthcare providers to easily access schedules, access entire patient charts, dictate into a patient’s chart, prescribe medication electronically, and generate revenue cycle management reports from the office, hospital, or even on vacation!


Reduce Office Expenses – WEBeMobile allows healthcare professionals to see more patients, reallocate staff where needed, and implement an improved work flow. By using a tablet, improved work flow is accomplished through ease of charting, elimination of transcription costs, customized reporting, maximization of medical coding, and immediate billing and claims processing. With WEBeMobile, you not only produce a green working environment, but you also eliminate purchasing costs of charts, files, folders, and labels.

Facilitate Risk Management – Illegibility within medical records is a phenomenon of the past! With WEBeMobile, patient charts are securely stored offsite. Records are automated so the risk of documentation audits are significantly reduced. Errors caused by illegible handwriting, unclear abbreviations, dose errors, unclear orders, or fax clarity are history! With this advantage, compliance with HIPAA regulations is much easier to meet.

Maintain a Patient-Centered Practice – WEBeMobile allows you to instantly retrieve patient information at your fingertips. WEBeMobile also allows your facility to acquire comprehensive patient documentation in less time. Additionally, this interface captures all patient related messages and assigns them to the appropriate medical record. Point of care charting can also be done on the iPad—improving overall documentation and compliance for the healthcare provider.

WEBeMobile uses the SureScript network, allowing healthcare providers to send electronic prescriptions to over 10,000 pharmacies nationwide. WEBeMobile prescription writing is efficient at allowing healthcare providers to view interactions and contraindications with automatic drug to drug and drug to allergy checking.

Improve Time Consuming Office Processes – Searching for lost charts is time consuming and generally not efficient for your task force. WEBeMobile eliminates time lost searching for misplaced charts because documentation is written at the point of care and organized electronically right away. Physical charts, filings, and folders are all eliminated by adopting the WEBeMobile platform— thereby providing your staff with more time to attend to important issues. Patient information can be shared among your staff and cohesively work in real time with your desktop, laptop, iPad, netbook, and other devices to complete multiple tasks at once. WEBeMobile does secure backups saving time and protecting your patient and practice data.

Revenue Cycle Management – WEBeMobile includes a complete revenue cycle management feature. WEBeMobile gives healthcare professionals the ability to determine insurance eligibility and the patient insurance coverage at your fingertips. This allows the healthcare provider to reduce denials and increase reimbursement by providing medically necessary services. Staff is able to accurately authorize services, validate coverage, and get co-payments prior to the patient’s appointment. In addition, WEBeMobile allows for streamlined billing and electronic claims processing in the office, at home, or on vacation. WEBeMobile provides analysis and reporting capabilities so healthcare professionals can better manage insurance payers as well as individual cash patient accounts.


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