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WEBeFax® Electronic Faxing

WEBeDoctor introduces the WEBeFax® Electronic Faxing service–a solution that strengthens the relationship between physicians, patients, pharmacies, and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) by automating the information exchange process for improved convenience and decreased risk.

WEBeFax is a tool that generates electronic faxes through an automated data entry system certified and owned by WEBeDoctor. WEBeFax allows you to quickly fax:

Patient Excuse Letters 
Referral Letters 
Visit Notes
Immunization Notes
Patient Day Sheets
Procedure Day Sheets
Payment Day Sheets
Individual Patient Statements

Why Use WEBeFax?

1. It simplifies communications

Administration staff and physicians can avoid having to print out reports whenever they want to fax, by directly sending reports right from the WEBeDoctor system. This saves you and your staff the time it takes to send communications. Overall, WEBeFax reduces your labor and paper expenses.

2. It provides immediate delivery of patient records

Patient medical records and prescription history can be faxed through your system to the end user in real-time. Every WEBeDoctor module will have an additional “Fax” tab included in its system, allowing you to save time, decrease the usage of paper, and increase productivity among your office.

3. It eliminates redundant effort

WEBeFax uses an automated process that is efficient for both you and your staff. Now, faxes are directly transmitted from point-of-service to the end user electronically. Having to print out reports and manually faxing those documents is all eliminated!

4. It is accessible anywhere, anytime

WEBeFax is an ideal platform that provides communication convenience to healthcare providers. Faxes can be sent from your system anywhere and anytime as long as you have internet connectivity.

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