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WEBeXpress® Medical Transport Scheduling

WEBeDoctor has collaborated with transportation and emergency medical providers with the intention to make WEBeXpress® available to all types of transportation providers.

WEBeXpress tackles the complex demands of dispatching and billing for transportation providers by providing a single workflow solution to them. WEBeXpress is the most efficient way to increase profits and streamline your dispatch and billing workflow.


 Web-Based – The WEBeXpress web-based system allows for operational statuses and activities to be monitored without physically having to be in the communications center. A web-based system provides remote access to live medical information without sacrificing security. Multiple users can be on the WEBeXpress system at the same time. Mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPads, netbooks, laptops, as well as desktops can access the WEBeXpress system at the same time.

Dispatching Made Easy – Dispatchers are able to allocate resources quickly through the easy to use graphical display. Call scheduling and dispatching is quick with automated return call features and highly visible information summaries. WEBeXpress’ dynamic technology color codes active calls on screen and relays information such as time of call received, location of call, patient information, and nature of call as well as assigned unit, status of call including appropriate times to the dispatcher. WEBeXpress assists dispatchers to expedite response times and adjust field personnel as needed while monitoring more than once call at a time.

Security – WEBeXpress uses the highest security available, 128bit encryption, the same encryption used for online banking. Information can be restricted at the user level; logging actions without sacrificing data or security integrity.

One Solution – WEBeXpress is a single solution for dispatching and billing. There are no more hodgepodges or making due with two separate systems. Patient and call information is taken in the dispatching module and seamlessly integrated into the billing module. Additional call data can give more details such as caller information, priority, or response area for billing purposes.

Reporting – WEBeXpress is able to provide companies with the means of managing dispatch and billing data accumulated each day. WEBeXpress® gives you the ability to create dozens of statistical reports including user logs, dispatch times, vehicle logs, mileage, reporting of late scheduled calls, as well as important financial reports. WEBeXpress® records users sign-on and sign-off times, administrative changes, and other changes made within the system. Reports are easy to create and view. There is no extensive training needed to create needed reporting.

Cost – Since WEBeXpress is web based, the cost for a complete solution is less expensive than traditional client/server based software. There is no need for expensive servers or data rooms. Multiple devices can be used with WEBeXpress including Apple iPad®, mobile phones, netbooks, notebooks, and even desktop computers, saving your company capital to invest elsewhere. Additional costs for updates and users are a thing of the past. All updates and additional users are included in the cost.


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