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WEBeDoctor Physician’s Office®

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One of the largest problems in healthcare today is the delay caused by the tremendous amounts of required paperwork. Medical professionals are tied up with completing these non-clinical action items, instead of providing quality care services to their patients. Additionally, physicians and their staff have to continuously update themselves with the most current information regarding discoveries and changes in medicine. These types of administrative responsibilities compel medical professionals to spend too much time doing tedious work—and rarely does this work offer a means to maximize a practices’ bottom line.

Today, physicians and their staff need an efficient mechanism that can quickly perform the myriad of administrative, financial, and clinical tasks involved in running a medical practice. Medical professionals need a tool that can provide (in real-time) the appropriate  information necessary to make sound patient care and financial decisions.

The WEBeDoctor Physician’s Office® is an easy-to-use productivity tool for physicians and healthcare providers (e.g. solo practices, group practices, and managed care facilities) that allows them to quickly, easily, and securely fulfill patient management processes. Our Physician’s Office tool is a complete front-end and back-end office system that includes features like appointment scheduling and medical billing. Physician’s Office can be integrated with our EMR and Patient Portal modules. It is designed to drastically save personnel time, keep expenses at a minimum, and give healthcare providers better management control.

Our Physician’s Office also provides and streamlines patient registration, patient insurance verification, drug searches, health plan information, prescription services, as well as diagnoses and procedure codes.


Appointment scheduling
Billing and collection
Insurance claim submission & management
Patient records management
Electronic medical records (EMR) integration option
Patient Portal integration option
Demographic reporting
Revenue cycle management


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