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WEBeDoctor® Online Patient Portal:

In an effort to improve patient care, WEBeDoctor offers its clients with an integrated and user-friendly online Patient Portal. Since communication is a vital element to preventative medicine, the online Patient Portal is a valuable aspect to the WEBeDoctor EHR solution. The Patient Portal provides patients with secure, 24/7 access to their billing information, lab results, medication history, education materials and much more! The easy to use Patient Portal interface allows patients to interact with their doctor office when it’s convenient for them, thereby reducing paperwork and unnecessary phone calls.


Better Communication – The WEBeDoctor online Patient Portal allows for better communication between patients, staff, and providers. Streamlining patient communication not only will save your office staff time, but it will also greatly improve your patient care.

Increased Patient Education – By giving your patient access to the Patient Portal, you will also be giving them the ability to access a library of educational datasheets for medications and educational videos for diagnoses and labs specific to their medical history. By providing these educational tools to your patients, you can greatly improve the quality of care being given to them.

More Connectivity – Once given access to the Patient Portal, your patients can then access their personal health data remotely. Thus giving them direct connection with their most current lab results, medications, diagnoses, and billing information.

Higher Patient Satisfaction – The Patient Portal is guaranteed to increase patient satisfaction by improving the quality of care given. It will leave your patient much more fulfilled because they will now have a stronger connection and personal relationship with their healthcare provider.

Maximized Administrative Time  –Front desk staff will have more time to do what matters and their productivity will greatly increase with the use of the Patient Portal by eliminating numerous patient phone calls throughout the day. Now your patient can simply send a message securely to the medical office for appointment requests, refill requests, and get answers to other questions they might have previously called for.

HIPAA Compliant – WEBeDoctor uses the highest level of security to protect pertinent patient information to ensure the Patient Portal is meeting all HIPAA regulations. Before the patient can even access the portal, their identity must first be validated by a unique User ID and Password.

ARRA Meaningful Use Compliant– As Stage 2 Meaningful Use approaches, the Patient Portal will become a major part of the WEBeDoctor EHR complete solution. WEBeDoctor is well-prepared with a Patient Portal already included in the fully integrated EMR and Practice Management software solution available to all ambulatory providers nationwide.