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WEBeDoctor® EMR – Electronic Medical Records Software

WEBeDoctor’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system was designed to help medical facilities manage patient information and transition into the new era of technology. Enhance your company’s bottom line by becoming paperless with our easy to use, customizable, HIPAA compliant, and all-inclusive EMR software solution.

By utilizing the WEBeDoctor EMR software, you improve operational efficiency, increase your cash flow, and enhance patient care.


Fully Integrated Workflow – Combined with the WEBeDoctor Practice Management software solution, your office workflow is streamlined from the point your patient checks in until the point of charge. There is no need to input data multiple times, re-enter patient demographics, or resubmit insurance information. The information captured by your front desk staff will flow seamlessly into the EMR, as well as to the Biller for claim creation.

Connectivity – With the use of the WEBeDoctor EMR program, your clinical data is easily accessible by you from anywhere you have internet access. Your files are no longer taking up office space but instead now stored on the cloud; access your calendar, refill a medication, view lab results, or check the status of a claim whether you are at home, at your office, at the hospital, or anywhere else your busy schedule may take you!

Customization – The WEBeDoctor EMR program has many features that can be customized based on the provider and specialty. From custom templates to common medical codes including the provider’s fee schedule, we’ll create an EMR to fit your needs.

Data Capture – Completing your patient visit note is now easier than ever with WEBeDoctor EMR. There are numerous techniques to capture and record data, so that you can find a way that works best for you. With features like point-and-click templates, dictation, hand-writing recognition, and a library of images where you can mark and draw on as a part of your patients’ chart–we are certain that we can provide you a data capturing option most suitable for your needs.

Cohesive Solution – The EMR is just one element of the complete WEBeDoctor software solution. The full solution contains the EMR, Practice Management Suite, ePrescribing, eLabs, and Patient Portal. In addition, all of our products and features were developed by one company and were integrated together to provide universal solutions for any doctors office or practice nationwide.