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WEBeBiller® Medical Billing System

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Collecting money that patients owe is a troubling problem for most healthcare facilities. Generally, 40% of open patient balances go uncollected for up to 120 days. Our WEBeBiller® medical billing system eliminates this problem. WEBeBiller was primarily designed to simplify the processing of medical insurance claims for independent medical billers. WEBeBiller is a quick and efficient cloud-based solution that allows medical professionals to instantly generate and transmit electronic claims to Medicare, state specific Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, CHAMPUS/Tricare, and HMO/commercial insurance carriers through our extensive payer network.

By utilizing the WEBeBiller system in your office, you are accessing one of the most powerful electronic insurance claim submission systems. Since WEBeBiller claims are submitted in real-time over the internet, payments are processed and received in as little as 5-10 days, as opposed to the 6-12 weeks normally associated with conventionally submitted paper claims.

WEBeBiller’s sophisticated editing features help to ensure maximum claim acceptance by automatically checking each claim for omissions and data-entry errors before it ever reaches the insurance company. Our system is able to stay on top of payer-specific changes and industry trends, thereby guaranteeing the highest possible rate of acceptance of your claims on the first try! Insurance carriers are far less likely to reject a claim created by the WEBeBiller system than with any other method of submission.


Low Maintenance – Converting billing processes to the WEBeBiller system requires no heavy investment in software and maintenance.

Paperless Processing – WEBeBiller makes it much easier for independent medical billers to file their claims. WEBeBiller is a paperless medical claims processing system that is available on the Cloud—allowing medical billers to avoid storing claim data in their offices.

Quicker Turnaround Time – With WEBeBiller, created claims are 80% less likely to be rejected than paper claims. In fact, WEBeBiller claims are accepted over 95% of the time on the first attempt! It takes about 5-10 days for insurance companies to approve and submit claim payments for our clients.

Lower Processing Cost – Claims made through the WEBeBiller system have reduced claim-processing cost by more than 65% for our current customers.

Enhanced Revenue Management – WEBBiller allows physicians to view and generate financial and claim reports. By utilizing the WEBeBiller system, physicians can improve their cash flow much quicker than before and make accurate financial decisions for their practice.


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