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“WEBeDoctor’s complete workflow solution is of immense help to our medical practice. It has everything we need to run our office more efficiently, provide better patient care, and keep better charts/records. We were able to significantly reduce our operating costs and increase patient satisfaction by using WEBeDoctor.  Through its electronic claims billing process, we are paid much quicker than before and with fewer rejections. We are proud that we chose the WEBeDoctor ASP system.”

Doctor Shahid W. Farooqui, NJ.

“WEBeDoctor’s EMR system enables us to easily and securely access our patient records any time and from virtually any location. This is a big help to us.”

Doctor Ira Wiener, NV.

“The immunization registries interface is a very welcomed feature by my staff. Being able to interface the vaccines not only will save my staff work hours, but it will also send accurate data to the database in real-time.”

Doctor Magally Prosper, NY.