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WEBeDoctor understands that specialists require more than just a standardized practice management solution. Knowing this early on, we collaborated with a variety of specialties in order to provide them with a relevant system unique to their needs.

Integrating WEBeDoctor into your practice allows for more patients to be seen each day; it reduces interrelated costs from managing a practice; and it ensures complete patient privacy and safety. WEBeDoctor is the most efficient way for specialist to increase their profits, manage patient records, and streamline office workflows.

WEBeDoctor’s EMR module meets the ARRA Meaningful Use criteria. It is also a InfoGurd certified ambulatory EMR. WEBeCardio is also a ONC-ATBC certified EMR system that supports the 2015-2016 “Meaningful Use” criteria. Additionally, WEBeDoctor is completely HIPAA compliant. WEBeDoctor’s Practice Management, EMR, and Billing Software (ICD-10 compatible) is a fully integrated, single database software solution. The current templates in WEBeDoctor were designed by specialists themselves. These templates are perfect for single and multi- physician offices.

WEBeDoctor strives to not only give you and your practice the software to automate patient record documentation, but also provides you with data storage, data retrieval, and other tools that guarantee for fast and complete return on investment (ROI).


Maintain a Patient-Centered Practice – Patient information is instantly accessible to you. You can easily view your patient’s historical medical records in real time. WEBeDoctor captures all of your patient related messages and assigns them to the appropriate medical record—keeping your office’s health records up to date. Many specialists have found that point of care charting significantly improves overall documentation and compliance. WEBeDoctor allows for comprehensive documentation in minimal time.

Facilitate Risk Management – Illegible charts and prescriptions are a thing of the past! Patient charts will be securely stored offsite and on the cloud. Since records are automated, the risk of documentation audits is significantly reduced. Errors caused by illegible handwriting, unclear abbreviations, dose errors, unclear orders, or fax clarity are done away with. Compliance with HIPAA regulations is much easier to meet as well.

Cloud-Based – WEBeDoctor is a cloud-based (or web-based) system that allows for operational statuses and activities to be monitored without physically being in a communications center. A cloud-based system provides remote access to live information without sacrificing security. Multiple users can be on the system at the same time. Mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads, netbooks, laptops, and even desktops can access the system concurrently.

Security – The highest level of security available is used—128-bit encryption. This level of security is also the same encryption used in online banking. Information can be restricted at the user level—logging actions without sacrificing data or security integrity.

Revenue Cycle Management – WEBeDoctor is a complete revenue cycle management system. This system allows you to determine insurance eligibility and patient insurance coverage—allowing you to reduce denials and increase reimbursements by providing necessary services. This feature improves your workflow processes and allows your staff to accurately authorize services, validate coverages, and get copayments prior to your patient’s appointment. In addition, WEBeDoctor provides a streamlined billing and electronic claims processing module for your facility. WEBeDoctor provides analysis and reporting capabilities so professionals, like yourself, can better manage insurance payers as well as individual cash patient accounts.

Improve Time Consuming Office Processes – Searching for lost charts is extremely time consuming and unproductive for your practice/facility. Eliminates time lost searching for misplaced charts. Now that your patient information is electronic, you and your staff can view this information at the same time—allowing for multiple tasks to be completed at once.

Cost – the cost for a complete solution is much less expensive than any traditional client/server based software. There is no need for you to invest in expensive servers or data rooms. Multiple devices can be used with including the Apple iPad, mobile smartphones, netbooks, notebooks, and even desktop computers. Eliminating the need for servers or data rooms provides you and your office with not only the opportunity to save capital, but also the opportunity to invest elsewhere. Additionally, all updates and requests for additional users are included in the cost.


►ASP-based system

►Workflow management module

►EKG/ECG integration option

►MidMark EKG integration option

►Cardiology drug database with interaction alerts

►Cardiology-specific ICD/CPT codes

►E&M coding assistance for cardiologists

►Electronic prescription module

►Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD)

►Prothrombin Ratio (PR) and International Normalized Ratio (INR)

►Warfarin interaction alerts

►Lab interface (Quest, LabCorp, etc.)

►Custom decision support system (ADE, coding)

►Billing and scheduling software interface

►Document/image management

►Ability to enable tablet PC/iPad integration

►HL7 custom interface

►Online Patient Portal