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A Cloud-Based Practice Management System for Medical Practices

Today’s medical environment has become a maze for managed care facilities with the declining reimbursement for services, government regulations, and legal risks. Physicians spend more time and money keeping up with the administrative side of medicine, and less time actually treating their patients.

iPad Compatibility

WEBeDoctor has an interface that facilitates the use of the iPad (or any other tablet device) in your practice. Healthcare providers are able to take advantage of seamless integration of the iPad and their WEBeDoctor EMR system Web Based EMR systems. The WEBeMobile edition can work with your existing desktop, laptop, and other devices while using WEBeDoctor at the same time. Few products have been designed to be used cohesively with the iPad together in one system. WEBeMobile allows healthcare providers to access schedules, patient records, electronic prescriptions, and generate revenue cycle management reports from the office, hospital, or even on vacation!


Physicians need an inexpensive, efficient, and secure mechanism that can perform the myriad of complex administrative, financial, and clinical tasks involved in running today’s medical practice. Ultimately, technology is the answer, but doctors and their staff need a user-friendly, reliable, and secure (by the standards of both patients and HIPAA) tool that will help them improve their administrative workflows. In order to remove their dependence from paper processing, physicians need a system that provides the information necessary to make the right patient care decisions as well as sound financial ones.


WEBeDoctor is a cloud-based (or web-based) solution for physicians and their practice, regardless if they work as individual or a managed care, and helps them in completing their normal daily routines. WEBeDoctor is a complete software tool which includes setting up appointments, insurance verification, scheduling, patients Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and their electronic billing. It is designed to save personnel time, keep expense down and gives the physician better control managing the facility.

WEBeDoctor provides online internet technology services that allow physicians to communicate between patients and all aspects of the healthcare industry. Physicians and their staff can easily gain access to clinical and administrative information, lab tests, referrals, and medical research.