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Press Release Brea, CA 12-13-16

WEBeDoctor unveils the newest feature for its very popular Automated Patient Appointment Reminder function: Choose the Language.
The Automated Appointment Reminder can be sent to the patient as a Text message or as a Voice message in one of 8 languages: Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French, Italian or English.

The WEBeDoctor Automated Appointment Reminder system will reduce No Shows and add $$$ to your bottom line. It is easy to use and doesn’t take up any office space or require a dedicated phone line.

The Automated Appointment Reminder service doesn’t require any of your office space nor a phone line for a computerized calling system. You don’t make any additional investment in hardware, software, training and maintenance. With the WEBeDoctor reminder system none of your staff needs to learn how to use the program in order for it to automatically make the calls and updates. Your patients hear a professional human voice (not a computer generated sound) and your office phone number will display on your patient’s Caller ID.