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Automatic Appointment Reminders

WEBeDoctor has a NEW Automated Appointment Reminder system that can save your staff many hours of phone calling, increase the number of patients you see and increase the profitability of your medical practice. It will send a text, voice and email reminder to your patients with a scheduled appointment reminding them of the appointment and offering them the opportunity to confirm the appointment, cancel the appointment or talk directly with your staff during normal practice hours.

The one-time set up of the Automated Appointment Reminder system is quick and easy. It doesn’t require any user input, maintenance or time. Users report that they are very happy with the automated appointment reminder system. The medical office staff can save many hours by not having to call all of the patients and remind them of their appointment.

Patients like being reminded of their appointment and can choose to be notified on their home phone, mobile phone or work phone and can receive either a voice reminder, text reminder or an email reminder. Overall acceptance and user satisfaction levels are very high.