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New, Customizable Quick Lists for Lab Orders.


WEBeDoctor has introduced a GREAT new feature that will save you significant time, simplify ordering labs and make your life more enjoyable.

Here’s a brief overview of the new feature.

In the WEBeDoctor program Click on the Customization tab located on the primary tool bar. Then Click on the Lab Corp Quick List or the Lab Quest Quick List. A new screen will open. Click on the Add New Test tab (on the left side) and the master list of lab tests for that vendor will appear. You can use the search function to sort by test name or the test code number. Click on the box to the left of the test you want to add to your Quick List then Click on the Add Selected Test tab. This will take you to your customized Quick Lab Test List.


When you are in the patient’s EMR simply click on the Order Labs New link (on the left side of the screen) to select the desired lab tests from your Quick List or from the Master Lab Test List. You can select the desired lab tests from Lab Corp or Quest Diagnostics, either individually or from both companies.  By clicking on the light blue colored name of the test and completing the order, any lab test you order will be electronically submitted to the appropriate lab. The orders will be appended to the patient’s EMR. By clicking on the lab order, posted on the right side of the patient’s EMR, you can print a copy for the patient (if you want to). Lab results are posted to the Patient’s EMR.  WEBeDoctor provides comprehensive solutions for your EMR, medical claims billing and medical practice management needs. Give us a call 714-990-3999.