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WEBeDoctor® Practice Management:

WEBeDoctor’s web-based Practice Management (PM) system is ideal for small to medium-sized medical practices. Our PM system has the capability to manage appointments and schedules, streamline medical billing, and store patient demographic data. This system is fully integrated with the WEBeDoctor Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system and offered as part of our comprehensive EHR solution, providing a solution to the many challenges of managing your practice workflow. WEBeDoctor’s PM system works in sync with Emdeon One, one of the largest clearinghouses in the nation. KLAS Research knighted Emdeon One as the “Best Indirect Clearinghouse” in 2010, and Emdeon One also made the Healthcare Informatics “Top 100 Healthcare Medical Claims Clearinghouse Solutions” in both 2009 and 2010. Emdeon One has continued to take the lead in KLAS’s software and service awards every year.


Calendar Management – You can easily manage multiple providers’ schedules across several office locations with the ability to view schedules based on day, week, month, or location. Block off hours or entire days, set-up rules for recurring appointments, and send out automatic appointment email reminders.

Patient Demographics – WEBeDoctor’s PM system makes it quick and easy for you to input patient demographics. It also helps ensure that all the necessary information needed for filing claims is collected at the time of care with the pre-visit checklist feature.

Medical Billing Management – Submit claims electronically, print and mail paper claims, and track the status of claims. Because the PM system is seamlessly integrated with the WEBeDoctor EMR system, all your data will flow automatically from one module to the next. This reduces errors and the time spent on billing by eliminating the need to enter the same data twice.

Claims Scrubbing – Save time and money by ensuring your claims are submitted correctly the first time by utilizing our double-scrubbing feature. Not only is the claim scrubbed initially by the WEBeDoctor PM system to ensure all required information is included and accurate on the claim form, but it is also scrubbed an additional time by our clearinghouse–Emdeon One–to ensure all payer requirements have been met. If the claim does not pass the scrubbing, a message is sent to the PM system with details regarding the issue.

Reporting – All structured data in the WEBeDoctor PM is available for reporting. Run a variety of reports based on the information you want. From patient demographics and insurance to total payments and adjustments, the PM system can generate reports catered to your specific needs.

WEBeDoctor’s PM system is just one important part of an all-inclusive product; combining an EMR, Practice Management, reporting system, mobile system, and patient portal.