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WEBeDoctor Medical Billing System

WEBeDoctor’s in-house Medical Billing Services department provides clients with a multi-specialty medical billing Account Manager, who is always dedicated to reducing receivables. We work with clients and their staff to ensure HIPAA compliance, improve their billing operation, relieve their office personnel of time-consuming billing duties, and obtain a fair ROI for services rendered to patients.

With the implementation of HIPAA and its focus on electronically transmitted data, it is time to outsource your billing operations to a professional electronic billing service. Under HIPAA, data security is mandatory for all transactions that involve medical information, with severe penalties for non-compliance. We utilize the latest technology and are trained to ensure that we (and our clients) are HIPAA compliant. Our mission is to help provide your practice full financial reimbursement for services provided to patients—while maintaining the highest levels of integrity, compliance, and ethics.

Our Medical Billing Services provide clients with an arrangement that allows for real time access to patient records, via the internet. This means that any doctor or staff member with controlled permission will have access to patient data from any internet device (e.g. laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone). Clients can review a patient’s history before making a crucial decision, view notes, or print a report.


A primary benefit to outsourcing your medical billing is the elimination, reduction, and re-positioning of your billing personnel. Other benefits include:

  • Increased productivity – Outsourcing tedious billing processes to WEBeDoctor allows for your claims to be processed much more quickly, and increases productivity among your administrative staff.
  • Eliminated backlogs – Your claims are processed when you want them processed—eliminating backlogs and maximizing administrative effort.
  • Improved accuracy – We are client-centered enterprise, dedicated to providing our customers with the finest billing, receivables, and collections management service.
  • Comprehensive reports – Our services allow you and your staff to produce reports (daily or monthly) instantly.
  • Fixed cost for billing – No matter what type of claim it is, we charge clients a fixed rate for our Medical Billing services.
  • Increased cash flow – With all of the duties you and your personnel have to accomplish, collecting funds from your processed claims can take a while. Our Medical Billing services promises that our staff will make sure your claims are not only processed but also collected in a timely manner.
  • Real-time access to records – Since our services are performed online, our clients never have to wait long periods of time to access patient records. We provide them to you in real-time!

General Fee Schedule:

Our pricing is designed to give individual consideration to each unique client. We strive to provide competitive pricing and the best customer service to our clients. A standard billing contract includes the following features and is priced at 6% of recovered value:

  • Insurance billing
  • Follow-up for unpaid/denied claims
  • Resubmit rejected claims
  • HCFA 1500 and UB92 forms
  • Billing done to your schedule
  • Electronic submission
  • Only current and valid ICD and CPT codes are used
  • A/R Management
  • Patient Statements
  • Standard Practice Reports

Optional Services Include:

  • Customizing your Superbill form
  • Receiving real-time access to patient records (cloud-based)
  • Adding an Appointment Scheduler (cloud-based)
  • Customizing your reports (cloud-based)
  • Converting your database

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