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Who is WEBeDoctor?

WEBeDoctor was founded in 1999 and offers web-based healthcare management software as well as medical billing services.

Where are you located?

WEBeDoctor is headquartered in Brea, CA.

Why choose WEBeDoctor?

WEBeDoctor was created to help smaller, private healthcare facilities be able to afford a secure, reliable, user-friendly, and flexible healthcare management software solution. We understand that each healthcare provider has unique needs—and WEBeDoctor customizes its application to fit these needs. Also, our competitive pricing structure allows even the smallest of businesses the opportunity to implement this U.S. government-required change easily.

Beyond providing a leading healthcare management suite of solutions, the main value we provide comes from our Customer Support team. Every one of our clients receives personalized support and education materials that will easily help them get accustomed to the WEBeDoctor suite of products. We provide unlimited, free support Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm. Issues and questions are answered within a day or less.

What kind of solutions do you offer?

We offer many different EHR and medical billing products and services that meet your business needs. Please see our Products & Services page for more information.

What if I am an independent medical biller?

Independent medical billers comprise about half of our medical billing clients. Please see our Medical Billing product page for more information on how WEBeDoctor can serve your particular billing needs.

Do you also do billing for healthcare providers?

Yes, we also offer multi-specialty billing services. Please see our Medical Billing Services page for more information.

Do I have to know a lot about computers to use your software?

Not at all; WEBeDoctor has a user friendly simple interface meant for first-time software users, and allows users to quickly learn our software and become more productive with little or no prior computer experience.

Will WEBeDoctor be a good fit for my practice?

Regardless of size, WEBeDoctor benefits your practice by increasing your office’s efficiency and reducing your overall costs. WEBeDoctor works with solo practitioners, small practices, medium practices, large practices, and anything in between. Our solution is modular, so it can grow with your practice.

Who owns and accesses my data?

You own and have exclusive access to your data. Since WEBeDoctor is web-based, you do not need any expensive servers in your office–your data is securely maintained in our database and backed up on a daily basis. This saves you time and the headache of having to back up a traditional client/server based system.

How secure is WEBeDoctor?

WEBeDoctor uses the highest level of security available for web-based EMR software providers. Our security level is the same as what current banks use for online banking platforms. Currently, our systems use a secure HTTPS, 128 bit SSL encryption–certified by Eqiax, an industry leader in web-based security.

Does WEBeDoctor meet HIPAA regulations?

WEBeDoctor has always taken HIPAA regulations very seriously and ensures that patient privacy is met. WEBeDoctor’s technology far exceeds HIPAA requirements and provides the highest level of security for their clients.

What type of software do you offer?

Our products and services are all web-based. Software solutions that are web-based allows healthcare practices and medical billers to access WEBeDoctor as long as they have an internet connection. Access WEBeDoctor via a laptop, desktop, tablet, or even a mobile phone, anywhere in the world!

Why should I consider WEBeDoctor?

The greatest advantage of WEBeDoctor to your business is cost reduction and revenue enhancement; If your business is still operating with paper-based processes, it is important to shift to an EHR system as soon as possible. U.S. government regulations have indicated that this shift in healthcare management is not only necessary, but mandatory by 2016. Web-based EMR systems are less expensive than traditional client/server based software systems, which requires purchasing expensive equipment (e.g. data storage servers). WEBeDoctor not only provides its clients with an affordable EHR system, but it also helps providers obtain government financial incentives. Please see our Advantages and Benefits page for more information.

What kind of equipment do I need in order to get started?

Since WEBeDoctor is web-based, you do not need to have anything besides an internet connection and standard computer hardware (e.g. single laptop computer, desktop PC, or tablet PC).

How soon can I get started?

As soon as WEBeDoctor receives all your paperwork, we can have you up and running, scheduling patients, using the EMR/EHR, and submitting claims within ONE business day.

Do you charge by the number of claims electronically submitted or printed?

Unlike other companies that charge for each electronic submission or printing of claims, WEBeDoctor does not. WEBeDoctor offers our clients UNLIMITED claims submission and printing.

Do you charge by the number of charts we have?

WEBeDoctor does not charge by the number of charts. Our services have no hidden fees or limitations. WEBeDoctor has an UNLIMITED number of charts your practice can have.

Do you charge to print our patient statements?

WEBeDoctor offers a complete billing and collection system with no hidden fees. Printing of patient statements is included in the monthly costs.

Are there additional charges for the clearinghouse?

No; access to the clearinghouse is included in the cost of your system.

Do you have claim scrubbing?

Yes;  claims are scrubbed in two separate locations. Our system checks claims for any missing data and then these same claims are scrubbed more thoroughly at the clearinghouse before it is submitted to the payer.

Are there any hidden costs?

No; WEBeDoctor provides its clients with a complete system, and has no additional costs. There are no per claim, per chart, or clearinghouse charges.

Do you charge for system updates?

No; WEBeDoctor is always updating its products and services to remain current with client requirements as well as industry standards. Updates for the system and medical codes are automatic and completely free.

Do you charge for additional users?

No; once your account has been established we do not charge for additional users.

Does WEBeDoctor guarantee HHS Certification?

Yes; WEBeDoctor guarantees HHS Certification to physicians who qualify for 2013 HITECH/ARRA payments. For more information on HITECH/ARRA please go to our Stimulus Center.

Should I be looking at only CCHIT certified EHRs?

No; you should be looking at EHRs intending on conforming to HHS Certification. Certification for CCHIT is pending for EMR/EHR certifications.

Will using WEBeDoctor increase the time of a patient visit?

No, but patient care will definitely be enhanced; with WEBeDoctor’s customizable templates, you can input patient data much more quickly and efficiently. Data can be entered in several ways: using the handwriting and drawing areas, typing through a traditional keyboard, using the customized templates, or even using the voice recognition software. WEBeDoctor was designed to be used in a way that makes sense to your practice.

Do I have to pay for new medical codes when there are changes?

No; WEBeDoctor includes all updates to the system and medical codes at no charge to our clients.

How can we transfer our patient data to WEBeDoctor?

If your practice is currently using paper charts, your practice can simply scan the charts into the patients EMR/EHR.

If your practice is migrating from another system, we will need sample data to ensure the information can be transferred to the WEBeDoctor system.