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Customer Support

WEBeDoctor’s customer support is unlimited and entirely free. We welcome feedback from our clients, and want to hear about their experiences with the WEBeDoctor system. We want to make sure WEBeDoctor is not only satisfying your current needs, but also ready to manage your future business requirements. Help us learn from you. Call, email, or chat with us anytime.

Learn how to upload your patient lists, schedule an appointment, write a prescription, create a patient visit note, capture visit charges, file an electronic claim, and many other options. Our team is here to walk you through every step of the process.

  • Want more training? Watch our online training videos once you log in to WEBeDoctor
  • Having browser problems? Call WEBeDoctor Customer Support for assistance
  • Want to create a problem ticket? Call us to find out how to access our Customer Support Portal
  • Want to speak to a live person? Call us at 714-990-3999 or email us at 

WEBeDoctor Support is available 24/7. Our clients receive a response within one business day or less.