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CMS Makes It Official: MU Deadlines Pushed Back To 2016, 2017

The industry has been saying something’s got to give with Meaningful Use, and here it is: Under pressure from various groups, CMS admitted problems with EHR technology and implementation and has formalized its decision to extend Stage 2 of the program for an additional year–through 2016–and to put off the start of Stage 3 until 2017. This is a relief for most providers who were finding it difficult to to their day job along with understanding the changes required within EHR systems.  CMS said that because of timing, backlogs and certification case load, many EHR products were certified later than hoped, making things difficult for hospitals and providers. The rule also said CMS was willing to accept 2011 Edition EHR technology. Although 2014 Edition technology may be available for adoption, “there is a backlog of many months for the updated version to be installed and implemented so that providers can successfully attest for 2014,” CMS said. “The delay in availability may limit a provider’s ability to fully implement 2014 Edition EHR technology across the facility.”

CMS release: