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Cost comparison between WEBeDoctor and local server-based applications

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WEBeDoctor Local Server Application
Equipment Costs MinimalAt minimum a single workstation connected to the internet can be used. Most practices already have this equipment available to them ExpensiveAt minimum a local machine used as a server, a router, and a workstation. At minimum costs are $3500 for the equipment alone
Software costs InexpensiveEasy to afford, monthly cost with minimal setup costs ExpensiveAverage cost for local software $4,000-$20,000 year. Additionally Annual updates are from $2,000-$5,000 per year
Startup Costs MinimalMinimal setup costs ExpensiveHigh hardware costs, high software costs, and additional costs for hiring of IT staff for initial implementation
User Costs NoneWe do not charge by the user Per User CostsMost local software applications charge by the user from $300-$1,000 per user
Claims Filing UNLIMTEDThe cost per month includes UNLIMITED claims filing Clearinghouse is included LIMITEDLocal server applications can charge from .50 -1.00 per claim to file electronically Separate Monthly Fees for Clearing house
Claims Printing UNLIMITEDThe cost per month includes UNLIMITED claims printing LIMITEDLocal server applications can limit the amount of claims printed
Patient Charts UNLIMITEDThe cost per month includes UNLIMITED patient charts LIMITEDSome local applications limit the amount of patient charts without upgrading the system
Patient Statements UNLIMITEDThe cost per month includes UNLIMTED patient statements LIMITEDSome local applications charge from .50 – 1.00 per patient statement
Updates AUTOMATICUpdates are automatic and occuring all the time at no extra charge. If changes to the diagnosis, procedure, or drug codes are made, we ensure the system is updated free of charge COSTLYAnnual updates of a local application can cost from $2,000-$5,000 a year per user. Coding may not be up to date when update is released
Support UNLIMTEDUNLIMITED Customer Support with 24 hour online support LIMITEDMay have to pay extra to get customer support
Ease of Use SimpleNo IT required. Easy to Use ComplexUser interfaces are not user friendly. Requires a dedicated IT department to run
Anywhere Access EasyAccess patient schedule, charts, and billing from anywhere in the world. Even from your mobile phone! DifficultLocal systems require complex networks and integrations to use in more than one location
Scalability/Upgradeable ModularPay for what you use and need. Grows with your practice. Increase features and users as needed No.Not very scalable and must purchase costly upgrades or a new system to grow
Interoperability IntuitiveScheduling, EMR/EHR, and Billing work together automatically to eliminate duplicate efforts Complex.Many local server systems require costly integrations to get all systems working together with manual data integration
Clearinghouse Integration IncludedThe clearinghouse is built into our system with no extra costs Extra CostsMany systems require extra integrations and fees for a clearinghouse
Operating Systems AnyOur system is able to be ran on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix as long as there is an internet connection LimitedMany systems require you use a particular operating system, some you may have never heard of or used before
Purchase Commitment FlexibleCancel at any time RigidLong Term Contracts with severe penalties for early termination