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Company Background

Founded in 1999, WEBeDoctor provides the next generation of software designed to eliminate paper charts, save money, and improve all areas of performance within medical facilities. As a comprehensive and fully integrated solution, WEBeDoctor automates the entire workflow within a medical practice (i.e. clinical, administrative, and financial functions). With more than several hundred users representing a gamut of specialties across the country, WEBeDoctor has already eliminated several million pieces of paper for its customers. WEBeDoctor is a private company headquartered in Brea, CA. WEBeDoctor markets its products and services by the means of a direct sales force, distribution partners, and value-added resellers.

WEBeDoctor is the leading provider of productivity-enhancing EHR technology and services for high-performance physicians—with a successful adoption rate unparalleled in the industry. Offered via the Unified Desktop™, the robust WEBeDoctor EHR, PM, Integrated PACS, Patient Portal, and Transcription increase speed and efficiency, boost revenue, free physicians’ time, and enhance patient care and satisfaction.

Our Mission

We aim to provide clinicians with relevant information wherever and whenever they may need it through a complete and cost effective software solution that streamlines patient management processes from front-office administration to the point of patient care by leveraging the power of information technologies available. We are here to:

  • Assist physicians in building an efficient practice.
  • Provide quality care and services to all patients.
  • Present accurate and up to date patient information at your fingertips.
  • Enable physicians to attract new patients to their practice.
  • Retain patients by making appointment scheduling a hassle-free experience.
  • Minimize process costs by capturing all relevant patient information at every patient encounter.
  • Expedite insurance claim reimbursement.
  • Offer healthcare providers unlimited system training & technical support.

Our Vision

Our visionary focus is to serve the information needs of healthcare organizations, and enable them to function as cohesive enterprises.

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